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  1. Jack Florek says:

    Re: GeoIQ-to-ESRI
    Not sure if you were aware of this but NGA (and other I.C. agencies) are on a big push to project social media (i.e. Twitter, etc.) on their maps, real-time. It’s called Human Geography. ESRI wanted to get into this space. Lessons learned from Arab Spring, Syria, etc. They also have a boatload of classified cables, messages, etc. that are location-based. So, in NGA’s latest, RFP for the GDS program, there’s a separate PWS for Human Geography. Google “HM157412R0004_HG”. I figure it’s worth $20M in technical services over 5 years. That, and they picked-up a brand new set of clients like the World Bank and the UN. ESRI’s been there, in force, for map production services since the early 90’s. By comparison, Google Earth has only been part of their intelligence production for 5-6 years.
    (not sure if we’ve ever crossed paths, but I did work at NGA (or, it’s predessors) as a contractor from 1995-2009.)

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