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When Is a GeoPortal Not a GeoPortal?

When it’s really a desktop application. Over the past few weeks, I have been reading with conflicted agreement the posts of Brian Timoney and Bill Morris about the nature of geo-portals and what they should or should not be and … Continue reading

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Working with the GeoIQ Features API

I find myself pointing people to GeoCommons for data more often these days. With over 50,000 data sets, there’s a lot there. The people I work with seem to usually be able to find data of value there so I’ve … Continue reading

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Mapping GISP and PMP Certifications with GeoCommons and the ESRI Silverlight API

Note: The application described in this post is running here. It requires Silverlight 4. I was perusing my LinkedIn connections and noticed that quite a few had PMP certifications. I also noticed that most of those who did seemed to … Continue reading

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Simple Annotations With the Esri Silverlight API

In a previous post, I mentioned that I developed a MeasureString function for use in developing an annotation tool. In this post, I’ll go into a little bit more detail about that tool. For purposes of discussion, I extended the … Continue reading

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Ten-Second Tidy

Things have been a bit hectic the last few weeks and that’s left little time for blogging. Quite a bit has happened so I thought I’d do a little round-up (if for no other reason than to clear my own … Continue reading

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DynamicLayer Auto-Refresh for ESRI Silverlight API

Despite recent news regarding Silverlight, I expect some of my projects to continue using it for the near term. Others may be taking the same tack, so I thought I’d go ahead and offer this up. Several of the projects … Continue reading

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MeasureString for Silverlight

I was working on an annotation tool for an application I am developing using the Esri Silverlight API. The TextSymbol class has properties to specify the X and Y offsets in order to position the text relative to the symbol’s … Continue reading

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