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PgMap Is Now SpatialKit

I blogged a while back on PgMap, a freeware ArcGIS extension for directly connecting to PostGIS. ST-Links, the makers of PgMap, sent out an e-mail this morning announcing that PgMap and QMap (the equivalent technology for interacting with SQL Server … Continue reading

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So, Which Is It?

Update: I pulled this link out of the comment thread below to emphasize it. It seems to answer this question for now: http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/35676-Edit-spatial-data-with-quot-ArcGIS-for-Desktop-10.1-quot-in-non-SDE-RDBMS-systems Since my previous posts about PgMap and the shuttering of zigGIS, the nature of the planned support … Continue reading

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Taking A Look At PgMap

When I blogged about the official end of zigGIS last week, I included a mention of PgMap, a free extension to ArcMap for direct read/edit of PostGIS data. Judging from outbound links, there seems to be a good bit of … Continue reading

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