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Mapping GISPs Again With Leaflet.markercluster

So I’ve been playing with Leaflet a lot lately. It’s become my lightweight mapping library of choice. There’s a lot it doesn’t do so I keep OpenLayers and others in the rotation as well but Leaflet is direct and to … Continue reading

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CartoDB/Leaflet Sample Update

A while back, I posted about some experimentation I did with Leaflet and CartoDB in the wake of FOSS4G in Denver. I recently had the chance to go back and update that sample with some spatial queries. At the time … Continue reading

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CartoDB + Leaflet = Easy

One of the biggest sources of buzz at FOSS4G was CartoDB. It is a hosted solution from Vizzuality that uses PostGIS to allow you to store your spatial data online. I got a beta account a couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

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Mapping GISP and PMP Certifications with GeoCommons and the ESRI Silverlight API

Note: The application described in this post is running here. It requires Silverlight 4. I was perusing my LinkedIn connections and noticed that quite a few had PMP certifications. I also noticed that most of those who did seemed to … Continue reading

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ESRI Javascript API 1.5 Released

ESRI has released version 1.5 of the ArcGIS Server Javascript API. You can see what’s new here. I am most excited about SSL access but that’s just me.

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Dave Bouwman’s Developer Survey

Dave is conducting his 2008 Geospatial Developer Survey. If you’re a GIS developer, I highly encourage you to complete it!

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StatCounter Recent Visitor Map

Overview of “Recent Visitor Map” feature. Continue reading

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