Random Post of Thanks

Maybe the warm weather has me feeling extra giddy. It seems there is no shortage of ways for me to get GeoJSON and slap vector maps into a browser and I’m feeling extra happy about that today. So, thanks to the authors of GeoJSON for all you’ve done to help put the “modern” in the modern geoweb.

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2 Responses to Random Post of Thanks

  1. Jason says:

    Just minutes ago I convinced some folks at my organization to use GeoJSON with quite a large project. One look at the spec and “OK, that’s dead simple. Let’s do it” is all it took. 🙂

  2. Bill Dollins says:

    I’m playing around with wiring up PostgreSQL in Entity Framework. Of course, it doesn’t recognize PostGIS types but a simple view presenting the GeoJSON respresentation, and a little code to roll the other columns into features and I was on my way! GeoJSON is elegant in its simplicity.

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