gvSIG Case Studies Available

The gvSIG (open-source desktop GIS) project now has a site listing gvSIG implementation case studies. It is available at:


A quick perusal of the site shows a few case studies covering a variety of application areas. This type of thing could be a good way to showcase (and market) the power of gvSIG to a wider audience. It looks like you have to fill out a standardized form in order to submit a project, which gives the resulting case studies consistent and fairly clean structure.

There’s no indication of the acceptance criteria for a case study but it looks like something to keep an eye on for a while.

So, if you’re a gvSIG user or consultant, then here’s a place to toot your horn.

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2 Responses to gvSIG Case Studies Available

  1. Jorge says:

    Hi Bill,

    Well the only thing we need to add your case study to the website is that your project has some gvSIG product (not just gvSIG Desktop but also Mobile or Mini) involved and of course is well documented.

    I mean, we need an starting situation, the way you solved your problem and the benefits of your implementation. Asking those quesions (on the odt template) we assure all case studies have a minimum of useful information.


    • Bill Dollins says:


      Thanks for that information. I think the format of the case studies is pretty good. I like the problem/solution/benefits format. I think its a good way to standardize the descriptions, convey the essential information, and keep it relatively brief.

      I use a similar format when writing project descriptions for proposals so it was very familiar to me.

      Good work.


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