New MapWindow Beta Available

Paul Meems announced today that a new beta version of MapWindow is available. From the announcement:

We’ve just released the Beta Version of July.

It is available at

The supporting libraries (like GDAL, GEOS) have been updated to their latest versions.
A lot of new enhancements have been added to the ocx, like image grouping, image overviews (pyramids), symbology (charts and coloring), use of the rotation values in world files.
Not all new features made it yet to the Desktop, but we’re working on that.
The features are available to you for your plug-in or script development or when you develop a custom application using the ocx.

MapWindow is quite a powerful open-source (Mozilla Public License) mapping library for .NET. It’s under active development and seems to be adding capability rapidly. If you’re a developer looking for a library to add spatial capability to your application, you may want to check it out.

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3 Responses to New MapWindow Beta Available

  1. Gilbert says:

    Do you know if MapWindow can be integrated with Adobe AIR or with Silverlight?

  2. Bill Dollins says:

    I’m not sure but the discussion forum is here: That’s probably the best place to ask.

    Just an FYI that what used to be called “MapWindow 6” (the .Net version) is now called “DotSpatial.”

  3. Gilbert says:

    Thanks. I will check there.

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