zigGIS 2.0 Beta Closing, Release Near

The zigGIS 2.0 beta is wrapping up this week. We got some good feedback and Abe was able to fix a few bugs. We’ll begin focusing on getting the release out. We are shooting for May 20th but that may slip because there’s a lot to do.

PostGIS editing is working pretty well now and, in general, it’s much more solid. zigGIS will work with ArcGIS 9.0 through 9.2. I need to test it against the 9.3 beta but that’ll have to wait a few days. Also, the full capability will work with ArcView (or any other license tier of ArcGIS), so direct read/edit of PostGIS will be open to anyone with ArcGIS.

Also, the Obtuse web site will be standing up so there will be more information.

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One Response to zigGIS 2.0 Beta Closing, Release Near

  1. Mapperz says:

    Mapperz had the chance to help test ZigGIS 2.0 beta. It is an excellent and simple to use editor for postgres with postgis. The issues were quickley addressed and fixes released to beta testers with impressive speed. Mapperz would like thank Abe and ziggis team for their excellent application and full support. Good luck with the launch later this month.

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