ArcGIS 9.4 Mentioned at FedUC

This is my first time posting from my Moto Q so forgive any typos.

I just sat through the FedUC opening talk by Jack. There was a lot of talk about 9.3, as would be expected. There was also a lot of talk about positioning AGS support the GeoWeb, including a compelling demo of an AGS-based drive-time analysis in AGX, GE, VE and GMaps. More on that later.

Jack also mentioned some of the work being done to extend the geodatabase at 9.4. Not a whole lot was said about 9.4 (intentionally) except a little about beefed up 3D support in the geodatabase but he did mention the end of the year as a release target.

That’s the first concrete thing I had heard about a 9.x release beyond 9.3.

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2 Responses to ArcGIS 9.4 Mentioned at FedUC

  1. Hey Bill –
    Thanks for blogging this. While you are there maybe try to talk them into allowing IEditor to edit inmemory workspaces. I don’t see why that shouldn’t be allowed. If this could be done then ziggis could create an in memory featureclass, let the user edit it, then commit it back into postgis.


  2. Bill Dollins says:

    Glad to. I’ll have more about some of the Javascript API demos once I collect my notes.

    I’ll see if I can track down the right person to talk to about your IEditor issue.

    BTW, Abe has made some headway with editing in zigGIS and the next version should allow editing pretty seamlessly.

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