Sometimes It’s the Simple Stuff…

I’ve become very enamoured of the new VE-based map display at For example, here’s my location. My wife had to drive out to Ohio yesterday and, with the big storm moving across the country, I’ve been spending more time at than usual.

Anyway, one of the most useful features of the display, from an interactive mapping standpoint, is one that seems rather innocuous. It’s the little crosshair in the center of the map. This is the point that you’ll zoom in to as you use the slider bar. You’ll notice it here:

I guess vacation is over…

My issue with the “slider bar” approach to zooming has always been how you have to eyeball your location to the center and then readjust as you zoom in. This one little feature has virtually eliminated the need to for me to do that. So that’s the simple little detail that’s making me happy today.

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