PostGIS and ArcGIS 9.2

Updating my earlier post:

I completed my upgrade to 9.2 yesterday with the installation of the last service pack. The first thing I did was upgrade zigGIS to ensure that there wouldn’t be problems. I have to say that the first thing I noticed was all of the tools ESRI has integrated with VS2005. I liked what they did with 2003 but these are even better. One thing I liked was the “Add ArcGIS Reference” tool. It updated my old 9.1 references to 9.2 without my having to remove them first. It was nice to have that step taken away.

That was all I needed to do. After I upgraded the references and built the project, it worked like a charm. I’ve got to work on a clean way to swap the references in and out, though. Paolo is still at 9.0. When I was at 9.1, I would have to go and update references every time a pulled a new version from Google Code. Right now, I just keep a copy of the .csproj off to the side but there should be a more elegant way to do it.

So the good news is that zigGIS has now been verified against 9.0 (SP3), 9.1 and 9.2.

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5 Responses to PostGIS and ArcGIS 9.2

  1. Paolo Corti says:

    Hi Bill!
    Just 2 things:
    1) I think the way you manage the .csproj is the only way to go, I can’t think of more elegant way
    2) People use 9.0 must install Esri SP 3 otherwise zigGIS won’t work!

  2. Bill Dollins says:


    I’m afraid you may be right with the .csproj. I’ll also edit the post above to clarify the info about 9.0 SP3.



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  4. Mike m says:

    I am looking for some info as I am looking for alternatoves to SDE.

    What is the performance/need for PostGIS with ArcGIS Clients (ArcView/Editor,ETC)?

    Does it handle multiple users editing the same dataset?

    what is the installation like?

    What is the required underlying DBMS – SQL Server, Postgre -mySQL…?

    Thanks in advance for any info.


  5. Bill Dollins says:

    If you are looking at PostGIS as an alternative to ArcSDE and still want to use ArcGIS Desktop, then you want to look at zigGIS ( Disclaimer: I am one of the developers.

    It does enable multi-user editing. The installation is pretty straightforward as long as you read the readme first. PostGIS requires PostgreSQL as the RDBMS.


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